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Cerento designs, installs and manages the statewide network for Wyoming.com.
The projects below are just a few of the many projects we have completed for Wyoming.com

Tower Reconstruction 
Cerento responded to a tower failure and provided Wyoming.com with an engineered tower solution. This project was particularly tricky beacuse the tower site was on the top of ridge and on a cropping of rocks. Cerento Engineers redesigned the tower foundation, tower loading, site grounding and power. The Field Services team reconstructed the tower site and installed the microwave system.

Cerento is currently managing this site via a Maintenance and Operations Contract.

Community Connect Project

Cerento designed and installed a network with the goal of bringing high speed internet services into communities with poor or unavailable internet services. This network provides public safety communications to these rural areas as well. The network consists of a microwave backaul that traverses over a mountain pass as well as access points within rural communities along the way.

Cerento also designed and installed turnkey tower sites for each location.

This project had (0) safety incidents and was completed on time and on budget.

Cerento is currently managing the network via a Maintenance and Operations Contract.

RF Analysis - Interference Mitigation

The Cerento RF Engineering department conducts RF spectrum analysis in order to identify RF interference sources. This data allows for better frequency planning to mitigate RF interference on the network.

The data is then shared with other operators in the area using the frequencies and an RF forum is created. This allows for all operators to work together to establish a frequency plan that will work for all entities.

CMS-45 Sites

Cerento designed, fabricates and installs CMS-45 (Cerento Mast Structure) structures for sites that do not require a traditional tower, have ground disturbance restrictions or footprint requirements. The CMS-45 has been deployed to several Wyoming.com sites to serve communities without the installation of towers. The use of the CMS-45 structure reduces construction duration and is more affordable than the installation of a traditional tower.

THe CMS-45 is an engineered structure that consists of a base frame, 45' telescoping mast, self contained solar power system, system grounding and equipment enclosures.

RF Analysis - Frequency Planning-New Sites

The Cerento RF Engineering department conducts RF studies with various spectrum tools in order to properly design new RF networks. The data gathered is used for both microwave backhaul links and coverage to users. These studies provide the basis for any new site designs and ensures proper frequency planning from the concept stage.

Tower Inspections - EIA/TIA 222-G

Cerento Field Services conducts tower inspections for Wyoming.com towers to ensure that all towers are within specifications. Thorough inspections are completed on the tower structure and all connectors are tightened to the manufacturer's specification. All mounting brackets and grounding connections are inspected for loose connections and damage. Corrective measures are taken in the event that corrsion or loose connections are discovered.

After the onsite inspection is completed a comprehensive report is created and filed. Cerento conducts inspections on all free-standing towers every 5 years and guyed towers every 3 years per EIA/TIA requirements for Wyoming.com.

Cerento also provides Wyoming.com with engineered (P.E. Stamped) structural loading analysis for each structure.

Fiber Optic Circuits

Cerento's Engineering department designs, installs and manages several fiber optic circuits within the network. The team specifies the optics required based on line buildout and loss for each connection. They also terminate and certify each and every strand.

Tower Construction

Cerento deisgns and installs towers of all types and sizes statewide as Wyoming.com expands its ISP network. These include monopole, guyed and self supporting towers. The construction includes engineered tower foundation, tower buildout and erection, ground ring design and installation, enclosure or comm building design and installation and power system design and installation.

Many of the installed tower locations face tough obstacles such as access restrictions, rough terrain and weather isolation which Cerento identifies and produces work arounds for.



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