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 Big Horn County, WY Cell Tower
Big Horn County, WY Cell Tower
Cerento constructed a 190' cellular tower as well as cellular antennas and transmission lines. Cerento worked diligently with their subcontractors to safely access the site with the required equipment.

Fremont County, WY Cell Tower
Cerento constructed a 150' cellular tower at a site that had very rough terrain and very limited access.  Cerento worked diligently with their subcontractors to safely access the site with the required equipment. Next phase of the project is the installation of the antenna arrays and transmission lines.

City of Lander, WY Water Tank Communications Project

Cerento designed and installed a wireless network connecting the City of Lander's water tank sites back to the City's control facility. This network monitors the capacity levels of the City's water tank storage faciliteis.

The installed RF network consists of water tank locations and wireless backhaul links. Cerento provided the integration into the City's existing SCADA/serial network at each site and also provided the interface for power tie-in.

This project had (0) safety incidents and was completed on time and on budget.

City of Pinedale, WY Mesh Concept

Cerento assisted the City of Pinedale, WY with a design concept for a citywide Mesh network that will provide connectivity to the City's water system. The communications will interconnect with the SCADA systems located at each water tank/facility for management and level control.

The City is still researching the need for the citywide connectivity and will engage Cerento if they decide to move forward with and RF Analysis and subsequent Engineering Design and implementation. 

Fremont County, WY Waste Management

Cerento provides Engineering services to troubleshoot and repair the communications systems that control their large scales. Cerento works with the scale manufacturer to ensure that the serial communications are within specifications for proper scale readings.


Northern Montana Tower Construction
Cerento constructed a 190' cellular tower preparing for new communications coverage. Cerento conducted this work with 0 safety incidents.



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