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Testing & Commissioning Engineering
Cerento's Testing & Commissioning Engineering Department compiles custom testing parameters for every network design and utilize real-world throughput testing that is RFC 2544 & RFC2321 compliant. In addition, this department ensures that all components were installed to manufacturer specifications, provides client training as required and compiles final testing results for turnover documentation to ensure that network benchmark data is available as needed. Our Testing & Commissioning Engineering Department has over 25 years of Industry experience. This department is responsible for the following tasks: 
  • Compilation of Testing Parameters for Network (Based upon Network Engineering & RF Engineering Design Specifications, Custom-tailored to each network design)
  • Real-world Throughput Testing (TCP/UDP Stateful Network Traffic Generator, all performed per RFC 2544)
  • Design Installation Verification on all components (Ensures components were installed to manufacturer specifications, allows client an opportunity to inspect installation)
  • Training (Provide training on installed system components to meet needs of client and ensures adaquate support and knowledge of installed system components)
  • Compilation of Final Testing Results for Turnover Documentation (Allows for easy reference to benchmark data as needed, ensures compliance to RFC 2544)
Tools and Certifications
  • Fluke DTX-1800
  • LanFORGE Fire & Ice
  • Iperf
  • Wireshark
  • NetStumbler
  • Snort
  • CSSA
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA A+
  • Low Voltage (State of Wyoming)



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