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RFI Engineering
Cerento's RFI Engineering Department provides power calculations, power system design, transmission line routing and management, inline connectors, lightning and surge suppression, grounding systems, cabinet systems, HVAC systems, racking systems and equipment mounting solutions. Our RFI Engineering Department has over 15 years of industry experience. Cerento's RFI Department is responsible for the following tasks: 
  • Power System Design & Integration (AC/DC, Thermoelectric Generator, Generator, Solar, Battery Banks)
  • Mounting Hardware Design & Integration
    • Towers (SST, Monopoles, Guyed)
    • Communication Buildings (Non-Penetrating & Sidewall)
    • Mobile (Vehicle, Rigs, Skid Structures)
    • Solar Arrays
  • Grounding System Design per Motorola R56 Standards
    • Tower
    • Site
    • Equipment
    • Lightning Protection
  • Communication Enclosure Design (NEMA, Communication Building & Communication Cabinets)
  • Custom Fabricated Component Design (Mounting Solutions, Mobile Solutions, Battery Boxes, Solar Array Stanchions, CMS-45, Communication Trailers)
  • Engineering Design Documentation in CAD Format
  • Interconnection Design between RF Engineering & Network Engineering (SCADA/RS232/RS485, Analog to Digital Conversion, Ethernet Integration, Coax & Waveguide Integration)
Tools and Certifications
  • TurboCAD Pro 19
  • Power Calculator
  • Solar Calculator
  • Fluke DTX-1800
  • Anritsu OTDR
  • Anritsu SiteMaster
  • Low Voltage (State of Wyoming)
  • Transmission Line & Connector Certified (Coax & Waveguide)



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