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Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Maintenance & Operations Department

Cerento's Maintenance & Operations Department (M&O) offers services for the following types of networks:
  • Statewide Networks
  • Private Networks
  • Government Networks
  • Oil & Gas Networks
  • Nomadic Networks
Cerento's M&O Department can provide options for both onsite and remote monitoring. Remote monitoring is performed from our 24 x 7 x 365 Operations Center. Rapid Response services are available either onsite or remote from both our Engineering and Field Services Department. Cerento's monthly network performance reporting shows our clients their network utilization and uptime. M&O Clients receive a centralized contact for reporting/resolution of network issues, which allows the scheduling of onsite work and an escalation point to proactively assess network performance and issues. Our Maintenance & Operations Engineering Department has over 75 years of Industry experience.

Cerento currently monitors the following number of devices for our M&O Clients:

Backhaul Radios

Access Point Radios

Subscriber Module Radios










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